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Managed by the partners Luiz Adriano, Luciano Neves, and Diego Morone – each with more than 25 years in experience in the post-production market.

CLAN is a VFX house specialized in VFZ and CG animation for advertisement and entertainment, located at Brazil’s busiest business district Vila Olímpia, Sao Paulo – Brazil.

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Jeff Yeats

Jeff Yeats is a visual director whose narrative strength is his visual language. When he's not making movies, he's taking photos. He always pays attention to every details of life and captures the momentary touches. His film language has undergone a long period of training and has become pure and sophisticated, as a result, his works are full of visual impact.

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Brandt Lewis

Brandt believes in the power of great ideas and has learned that every brand has a great story to be told. In his directing career he has helped launch new products as well as new companies. From startups that have never advertised before, to big brands that needed to reinvent how they advertise. Brandt often not only directs the work but writes and helps produce it as well. Brandt loves the whole creative process and is constantly finding new ways to contribute.

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Ray Ban

UVU_Who Am I

Benji Allred

Born in California but raised in Colorado, Benji has always had a passion for creativity. As a kid, he spent countless hours creating films with his siblings. Even though Benji’s content matter has evolved throughout the years, his filmmaking philosophy hasn’t, namely that film runs far deeper than just entertainment. It has the ability to evoke emotion, change lives, and bring people together. His powerful connection with people and culture has come from filming all around the world.

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Atanasio + Martinez

Anthony Atanasio and Valerie Martinez have created some of the most visually daring commercials of the last ten years, crafting clever and mesmerising films for the likes of Levis, Audi, Nike, Hermes and Nintendo. Their style shows strong performance and a feel for the aesthetic, the films are notable for their rich cinematic textures and storytelling.

Anthony and Valerie are also keen photographers and writers and are moving towards their first feature-length movie project.

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Etihad Airways_Flying Reimagined - Nicole Kidman

Chris Leclerc 2019 REEL

Chris Leclerc

Chris Leclerc is a nimble, multidisciplinary director. With a background in editing and cinematography, Chris blends his keen sense for polished visuals into raw immersive narratives that dance between real and surreal. Driven by a passion for visual storytelling, Chris is always found thinking outside the box to find new and exciting ways to tell stories.

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